Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our Shrine

I have had an interest in Buddhim for quite a while. So, now that I am in a country where people worship and pray to Buddha and the boddhisatvas, I feel content. With my fusing of traditional Asian religions and spiritualities, with my Wiccan ones we have brought the Buddha into it.
Here is a shrine we have in my home in Taiwan. I got the two Buddhas (one is on top of the shrine and has the historical Buddha, Kwan Yin and another Boddhisatva sitting together) in Korea, though I don't know if they were from there originally as they have Chinese writing on the bottom (but Koreans did, and still do a little, use Chinese writing.) The shrine itself is from here in Taiwan. We found it in an old ruined house. I think it was destroyed in an earthquake. My son and I cleansed, both physically and spiritually, and set it up for us. The charms are all from Taiwan. To get the benefit of the charm, we should wear them, but I prefer to keep their energies at the shrine until I am in great need of them. We have our athames in front of the shrine to get its energies. The athames are miniature reproductions of Chinese and Japanese warrior swords. The flowers came from some trees in the park. They had fallen off, so we did not even pick them. We set up the flowers for the Spring Equinox festival.

My son next to the shrine.

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