Saturday, January 14, 2012

Off Topic

Yeah, yeah, I know I need to post another interesting article soon, and I will. It will be about the origin of Echidna.

But, to get off topic, I noticed that of my blogs, this is the easiest to google. Google "Oriental Wicca" and my blog is in the top. Google my other blogs and I'm not so lucky.

So, to get around those pesky fees associated with dating sites (the bastards) I told people to check out my blog. I see from my little map here, that people have checked it out. So, to those people, you can leave a comment for me with your e-mail info, I have to moderate them first. You can also go to my profile and click "email" to get in touch with me. That was the whole point of the hint. If you got the hint to find me here, then you should get the hint to contact me through here.

Also, if I happen to have any decent guys from 18-38 who happen to read this blog entry and are interested in being pen-pals then, I am up for that. I am moving back to Korea next month and it would be nice to talk to people. Though I am primarily interested in people who live in Washington state's Seattle-Tacoma area, as that is where I will move when I return.

Thanks all. As I said, next post will deal with Echidna, a lesser known Greek entity.

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