Monday, May 4, 2009

"Angels and Demons" strife

Even over hear you can't escape Christianity. Today I have a gripe. First I will say that I have nothing against the Christian religion in general, nor against Jesus and their Idea of God.

The new movie "Angels and Demons" is coming out. I thought the first movie, "The Da Vinci Code" was pretty good. There was way too much hype to it, but that is normal. But to hear that the Vatican and other Christians were activly opposing this films creation was rediculous. They complained that the movie (and book) did not show their religion in a good light and made it all look like joke. So let's get this straight, they seem to be complaining that someone did what they constantly do to everyone else, ever since they decided that if you were not a Christian and you did not have the same Idea of God as them, then you just have to be worshipping the devil.

Some of the things in the movie are not new ideas. People have thought of them before and will again. Like Jesus and Mary Magdelin being married. He may or may not have. Was Jesus the son of God? Well I think he was, in the same way that I am a son of God. We are all the children of God. To me he was a teacher and like any teacher, you should learn from him, but he is not the law.

Now they are going after the second movie and complaining again. An Italian Bishop said that the movie was "highly denigrating, defamitory and offensive."

This makes me want to explode with rage sometimes. Christians attack and belittle every other religion (well Jews are tolerated nowadays and Muslims are sometimes tolerated,) especially the pagan ones, but the moment anyone says anything about their religion they jump up and try to bite you on the rump. I am surprised that they didn't try to sue, like the Scientologists did. All I have to say is GROW UP. Stop acting like babies and just grow up.

So I urge people to go and watch these movies. See something that The Church does not want you to see and make up your own mind. I know Christians like to think of themselves as flocks, but don't be a sheep. Think for yourself!

I must also complain about a book I just saw while looking for good Wiccan and Pagan parenting books. This book is called :Wicca: Satan's little white lie" by William Schnoebelen. This book says that Wiccans actively recruit members and that it looks nice at first but then you find out it is really Satan worship!!!! Can you say attack on another religion? First, why was it on a recomended booklist from Amazon when I am a Wiccan? First off, there is no devil in Wicca. There is a God and a Goddess, whom together comprise all of creation. Any God or Goddess in history are masks of these two. Second, when have we ever actively recruited anyone. No one recruted me. I made the choice of my own free will without actually even talking to anyone. Also, while I am teaching my son my religion, I have already told him it is up to him to choose waht he wans in the future, so I also teach him about other religions so he can make up his mind (but I told him no Mormonism, to Islam and no Evangelist as these are all intolerant.) That is how our religion is different, we give the choice. You should write the author of this book and complain about his spreading of wrong information and for spreading hatemongering. We have had enough Torquemadas to last us for all eternity.

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