Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Has anyone else noticed that fantasy elves seem to be very Asian. Their body shape is identical, being very thin and having almost no body hair. They have similar faces. And fantasy elves have Asian hairstyles. When was it decided that elves would be Asian? I would like to know that. My son is playing the free online MMORPG game "Fiesta" and the elves there are very Asian. Though, the game was probably made in Korea, so of course with Koreans high level of Xenophobia, they would have made the characters look just like them, though with the gigantic eyes copied from Japanese anime (Koreans copy a lot of things from other cultures. They do have some things that are distinctly theirs, but I found that the majority of things were copied or borrowed from other cultures, with Japan, China and America being the strongest influences. Which is so odd that they copy so much from the other cultures they with them being Xenophobic and so passive aggressive with other cultures. Sorry, I rant about Korea at times still, it happens when you live there for any period of time.)

It is also that the style of their clothes and armor tend to mimic or be influenced by historical asian fashions.

I have also noticed that Asians have become very fond of Elves in anime and comics. My son reads Koren comics still and the elf characters are very popular. Maybe they have picked up that the elves look a lot like them, either consciously or subconsciously.


Anonymous said...

the 1st picture with the horns. what game is it from!?!

Darshan said...

I think it was from Lineage, but I don't remember for sure.

Cameron said...

Warhammer Online.