Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I started setting up proper altars when I lived in New Orleans, about 11 years ago. I laid out everything like I was told in the books I read, and it just didn't fit right. So, I started tinkering with it and made it my own. It continued to evolve over the years. As I moved and changed. I had a buddhist altar set up for a while, with just a statue of buddha, a phurba and a thangka over it. Then I started to go back to my pagan ways and set up Horus, Apsu and Tiamat on my altar. Then, I moved to Korea and haven't done anything for 4 years. With my son wanting to start exploring spirituality, I decided it was time to bring it back. But, what altar to use. I have seen some great altars here in Asia and want to bring some of that back with me. I decided to make and altar cabinet, like the ones I saw in Japan. I thought they were beautiful and they really spoke to me. Also, all I have to do is close the doors when people are over and keep my private life private.

Japanese Altar Cabinets

Traditional wiccan altar like I originally had

Tibetan altar pop-up book

(I really like this as it is great for traveling and want to get it for my son)

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