Monday, August 4, 2008


Prospero and Ariel

So after I found that wizardry was not giving me the power I desired, I was tempted to start summoning through ceremonial magic. I thought that maybe I could summon an elemental or spirit or if all else failed, summon a demon. I did try to summon and elemental, of which it failed. Then again, I don't think I would have come if some kid called me as well. But as for demons, while I did (and still do) have the books with the information on how to summon them, I was always terrified about something happening to my immortal soul. That did, and still does, terrify me. So, I never messed with them. Life can be hard enough without inviting evil into it. Even if you manage to summon a demon and bind it to your will, it will have its revenge one day. I did want to be a summoner, but I just don't have the will or the true desire for power that it takes. The fantasy was nice though.

Fantasy Summoners


Sigils of the Goetic spirits

The Seals of Solomon

Demon from India, he actually looks like a nicer one

Modern Christian idea of what a demon is, and it is something that does indeed inspire horror

How would you like it if you were imprisoned? Then add that you are an immortal with all the time in the world to exact revenge and you have the power to do it. Not a good future for the jailer is it?

Summoning seems to be the in thing for kids shows now. In Pokemon they get summoned out of balls. In digimon they are summoned out of the computer. But Yugioh was the best at summoning. You even had to sacrifice monsters to get more powerful ones. Then there is also Shaman King, where you must find a spirit to be the focus of your power. I find it very interesting that they use magic in so many kids shows and teach them about it, but that should be expected coming from a country of mostly pagans (Shintoism.)

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