Thursday, August 21, 2008

My sons gods

My son has been doing a lot of soul searching lately and has decided that he likes having a lot of gods, more than he likes just one God. He has thought long and hard and chosen 3 gods that he wants right now. He actually first started by trying to find the most powerful gods, or gods that grant power, but I told him that if you have power, you have to take it from someone, and then there will always be someone that will try to take it from you. So, properly discourages, he choose gods that fit better with who he is and what he wants to achieve in life.

First, he choose the Great Spirit, like me. It is what he is comfortable with and knows from Church.

Next he choose the Chinese Monkey King, Sun Wukong. Since he is so irreverent, like my son, I thought he was a perfect match to my sons personality. I think he will be a good god for my son.

Modern versions of the Monkey King

Last, my son choose the goddess Nike. He plays a lot of games and wants to be victorious, so he chose a god that helps you gain victories. I think this will be a good goddess for him, whom will help his as he grows into a man.

Overall, I think my son made good choices for his gods and I am proud of him. We will continue to work on things and set up an altar for him.

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